Baskets on the wall yes or no?Personally,I like to display the handiwork and craftsmanship of basket designers I’ve collected baskets on trips to east and west Africa Lately there are many wall displays with wonderful baskets, design trade shows have many vendors than ever before through the sales of these baskets many people are using there handiwork to support themselves and family.

Kazi Across Africa sells baskets that originate in Ghana, where a lot of my DNA comes from.Reflektion Design of Atlanta, Georgia imports from West Aftica and has a large variety of baskets and other crafts.Lindsey Madsen of Mox and Molly has done many baskets wall displays many of which can be purchased @moxandmolly and @lindseymadsendedign, she has graciously allowed me to use her photos for this post.


If you are for or against they are here to stay.January’s issue of Better Homes and Gardens features an article called “how to fill a blank wall”by Mallory Abreu with a Photo of a wall of baskets done by blogger Dabito.

#lindseymadsen @moxandmolly #kaziacrossamerica #reflektiondesigns @betterhomesandgardens

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