one room challenge reveal

Reveal week is here,Am I happy with it ?There were so many problems.The lamps I wanted were out of stock, the bed arrived on Tuesday evening which held up completion of the room and my Nikon camera isn’t working for some reason so I had to rely on my iPhone for photos but, through it all finishing was my main priority .When I did the fall challenge I had my best friend talking me through every step i didn’t  know how to do.I may have mentioned this before but, she  died in November of a heart attack,so  it became important for me to”buck Up” as she said very often, and get it thoughts of her got me to the end of the challenge and its a room I hope she would want to visit.the room had become a dumping ground for projects and things that didn’t have a home.this chest of drawers has been in my family for over 60 years and it has sentimental reasons for me keeping it.A coat of simply white paint by Benjamin Moore refreshed it’s look.


I said it was old.

the photos on the gallery wall are flea market finds.They are of the Palais obsession with all things French is very present in this room.Its the place my heart is the happiest.

The budget for the room was very small and, I tried to use things I already had;the total spent was around $300.00 this is how the bed looks now.the top of the chest of drawers.

The bed was my biggest decision made at first I was only going to get the headboard but then the complete bed went on sale the day I bought it bad idea.The bed left no space to walk between the foot and the chest of drawers. I was then forced to switch around the chest of drawers with the small bookcase.#orc


4 thoughts on “one room challenge reveal

  1. Beautiful!!

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  2. The Delaware Blogger May 11, 2019 — 9:28 pm

    Love the redesigned of the chest of drawers.


    1. Thanks it was actually from my first bedroom set when I was a kid


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