one room challenge week 6- reveal

reveal day is finally here .My powder room is done I think it turned out great. i’d never tiled a floor before, hadn’t wallpapered in a very long time but,I did it all by myself.I changed the vanity from the ugly formica that came with the house to marble.



The floor was actually easier than i expected the grouting was hard on the hands ,carpel tunnel syndrome didn’t help any but,I got through it.

there were pitfalls the mirror i wanted to use originally seemed too rustic when the rooms done so i switched it out with one from another room.


img_5665 my light fixture didn’t get up.I couldn’t get an electrician out until Tuesday of next week small town living.I removed the unused medicine cabinet an turned it into a niche.

Shavonda Gardner convinced me I could do this ,I’m new to blogging and haven’t figured all of it out yet.the experience was amazing I got to talk to bloggers from all over the country.I found some interesting people to follow on instagram also a very supportive community .when things got tough there was always encouragement ,friendship and laughs.






1 thought on “one room challenge week 6- reveal

  1. Wow! That’s a spectacular transformation!


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