One Room Challenge


Hi, my name is Mary.I live in the second smallest state,Delaware and this is my first one room challenge. I’m an interior designer who only recently became a blogger so bear with me. My 22 square feet powder room is in desperate need of a makeover. I don’t have a lot of visitors, so its fallen very low on my to do list. follow me for the next 6 weeks to see the transformation. Most of the work I will be doing myself. Only if I run into problems will I send up the bat signal.

Makeover Plans- toilet stays, vanity top will be changed, vinyl floor gets pulled up


the medicine cabinet will be removed . Do you need a medicine cabinet in the powder room? the oversized mirror is also goingimg_5363

upgrades will includes new lighting, baseboards,wallpaper,paint,and new accessories.

I’ve never tiled a floor before so i’m expecting an adventure. still researching if i can the light fixture or hire a pro, come back the next 5 weeks to see my progress.default



2 thoughts on “One Room Challenge

  1. Are you wallpapering with the fabulous Sheila Bridges’ Van Doe wallpaper??? I saw your comment on Instagram — can’t wait to see what you do! I have been coveting that paper for the past 3-4 years.


    1. No,I will be using something else. I only need
      2 rolls of wallpaper small space


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