Wallpaper has come a long way. It’s not your grandmother’s wallpaper, not even you’re mother’s! It’s now much easier to install and remove in a room. Apartment dwellers can even have wallpaper without the worry of having to repair walls if/when you move. Strippable papers can peel off with no residue. Prices can range from $25.00 to several thousand dollars! You can even get custom papers that can be made from your very own designs that give your space the exact look and feel you desire.


the only paper is at the door opening.


bedrooms with accent walls can feature large-scale prints.


Rustic dining room located in London England ,bright light allows for dark blue walls.

IMG_0060 (1)

If you’re still afraid of wallpaper try it in a small space.

3 thoughts on “Wallpaper

  1. I used to love wallpapering. Now I have to remove some from my dining room, a task I am not looking forward to.


    1. If it’s strip able it should be easy .if not score the paper and apply a solution of fabric softener and warm water to wall,wait five minutes and peel away


      1. The Delaware Blogger July 6, 2018 — 11:49 pm

        I am finally taking the plunge – thanks for the advice.


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